BaBarkat Project Launching this Ramadan

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BaBarkat Project Launching this Ramadan


    What really is “Ba-Barkat”?

    BaBarkat is a project that is started to tackle 2 problems; Hunger and Food Waste by the vision of achieving Zero Hunger challenge by Food and Agriculture Organization, (FAO) with one solution under the umbrella of the prestigious Pakistan Food and Nutrition Organization. 

    Aims & Mission

    • To tackle the issue of food security in Pakistan.
    • To provide good and hygienic food to slums and needy persons.
    • To utilize the excess food.
    • To control food wastage. 

    For Whom?

    • BaBarkat plans on becoming the middleman between the hungry and the sources with excessive food.  
    • Using sustainable packaging Ba-Barkat will deliver excessive food from different sources such as hotels, homes, and restaurants and deliver it to the needy at an affordable price. 
    • The decision to put a small price was made keeping in mind those people who, instead of begging prefer staying hungry.  
    • Another factor that led to this decision was to make sure that the people who are being helped do not become dependent, in other words, paralyzed.


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