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30-11-2023 PFNO Issues Warning Regarding False Job Opportunities Circulating on Various Platforms. 29-11-2023 PNFO has not annouced any post at Sujawal, Tando Muhammad Khan, Badin 05-10-2023 Pakistan Food and Nutrition Organization (PFNO) Addresses the Role of Nutrition in Nipah Virus Prevention and Management 11-09-2023 Appointment of New Campus Heads of different institutes 10-09-2023 Mr. Sultan Haider notified as Vice President of Gilgit Baltistan 05-09-2023 The Pakistan Food and Nutrition Organization is introducing Organizations Directory; first and largest directory that includes Universities, Processing/Manufacturing Industries, Societies and NGOs related to Food Sciences (Food Technology, Food Nutrition and all other related fields)
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PFNO Membership Benefits

Take a look below at the many benefits of membership. We look forward to welcoming you into the PFNO Family soon. As a member of the society, you will benefit from its network of independent experts and many scientific and educational activities:

  • Get connected with the top scientists in nutrition and food research and the major players in the food and nutrition industry.
  • PFNO offers a neutral platform for the dissemination of controversies in nutrition and food sciences.
  • Get access to scientific workshops covering up-to-date topics in nutrition and food research.
  • Join your local group to help spread the PFNO Food Messages in your own community. Enjoy a wide range of activities and campaigns from talks, tastings, and producer visits, to educational programs and restaurant outings. Connect with a network of like-minded people.

Awards and Recognitions

The Pakistan Food and Nutrition Organization (PFNO) recognizes members who have distinguished themselves among their colleagues, as well as in their communities, by their service to the Food Technology and Food Nutrition profession and by optimizing the nation’s health through food and nutrition. The PFNO has made some major changes to the PFNO Awards Program so all members can be recognized for their hard work to ensure well-nourished students across the country are prepared for success.
There are PFNO awards to recognize every member type:
  • Member of the Year Award
  • Executive Member of the Year Award
  • Volunteer of the Year Award
  • Director of the Year Award
  • Excellent Performance of the Year Award


An active community of professionals sharing knowledge, skills, and ideas. Get ahead by connecting with practitioners in your specialty area or from other food and nutrition fields.
  • Member Interest Groups (MIGs)
    • Find members with common interests, issues, or backgrounds by joining one of the PFNO's MIGs, focusing on areas other than practice or geographic location.
  • Nutrition and Dietetic Educators and Preceptors
    • This PFNO group addresses the broad needs of the dietetics education community. Join NDEP and help educators and preceptors move nutrition and dietetics forward.
  • Social Media
    • Get updates via your favorite social media platforms and join the conversation by becoming a part of the PFNO's social network. “Like” our Facebook pages; follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest; join our member-only group and follow the PFNO's page on LinkedIn, and subscribe to PFNO's YouTube channel.


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