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05-05-2024 Mr. M. Aqib Rasool notified as Director Campus Operations 03-05-2024 PFNO and AHPC Hold Productive Meeting for Advancing Nutrition Education and Practice 22-02-2024 PFNO Proposes Standardized Titles for Food Scientists, Dietitians, and Nutritionists

Pakistan Food and Nutrition Organization

Non Governmental Organization (NGO)

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About this Organization

Pakistan Food and Nutrition Organization

A sound and independent platform for all food professionals (students, researchers, entrepreneurs, consumers) for the enhancement of food science and nutrition.

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Our Programs

Awesome Programs

What we do for our valueable public

  • Online Courses

    We offer free and paid online cources to enhance your educational and professional skills.
  • Free Nutrition/Medical Camps

    We arrange free nutrition and medical camps so that the spirit of nutrition awareness can be raised.
  • Awareness Sessions

    We arrange awareness sessions for students and Food professionals on different topics.
  • Nutrition Consultancy

    You can get a free basic consultancy service from certified Nutritionists and Dietitians.
  • Nutrition Internships

    We also offer nutrition internships for students at clinics that are in collabaration with us.
  • Dietetic Lincensing

    PFNO has established Board of Dietetic Certification for certifying Nutritionists and Dietitians
  • Features

    Our Outstanding Features

    Organizational Working Exposure

    Gain insight into the operations and initiatives of a leading food technology and food nutrition society in Pakistan.

    Skill Enhancement Opportunities

    Access workshops and projects to enhance your expertise in food and nutrition fields.

    Professional Development and Networking

    Connect with professionals and experts for mentorship and collaboration, boosting your career prospects.

    Organization Objectives

    • Promote Field

      Promote the cause of Food Science & Technology and Nutrition

    • Build Relationship

      Build a strong relationship among academia, Govt. agencies, and NGO's

    • Setup Collaborations

      Set up national and international collaboration for all food science fields in pakistan

    • Improve the Competence

      Improve the professional competence of Food Scientists and Nutritionists

    • Spread Awareness

      Spread awareness about safe and healthy food and its effect on nutritional status

    • Encourage Education and Trainings

      Encourage education and training at all levels in various fields of food science

    Total Statics


    We take pride in our numbers, and nothing brings us more joy than watching them grow.

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    Recent Events

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    Our Testimonials

    A brief overview about what peopele think about us.

    The Board of Dietetic Certification by PFNO is a game-changer for aspiring dietitians. Their rigorous standards ensure that certified professionals are well-equipped to provide top-notch nutritional guidance.

    Alina Zafar


    The PFNO Jobs Portal helped me find the perfect job opportunity in the food industry. It's a fantastic platform for both job seekers and employers looking for talented professionals.

    Muhammad Imran

    Food Technologist

    The PFNO Library has become my ultimate resource for anything related to food science. It's my first choice whenever I need information or insights about the world of food and health. Thank you, PFNO Library, for being my trusted go-to!

    Arsalan Hameed

    Food Scientist

    Our Professional Team

    Our people are our greatest asset and biggest differentiator. They also believe in having a lot of fun along the way.

    Muhammad Tahir Habib

    Founder & Chairperson

    Dr. Noha Sajid

    Vice Chairperson

    Firdous Elahi


    Zunaira Shehzadi

    Chief Creative Officer

    Muhammad Awais

    Director General

    Waqas Hayder

    Director, Industrial Linkages

    Babar Ali

    Director, Public Relation

    Awais Akram

    Director, Finance

    M. Aqib Rasool

    Director, Campus Operations


    Our National Presence

    "Our national presence in universities is a testament to the success and reach of our programs."


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