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30-11-2023 PFNO Issues Warning Regarding False Job Opportunities Circulating on Various Platforms. 29-11-2023 PNFO has not annouced any post at Sujawal, Tando Muhammad Khan, Badin 05-10-2023 Pakistan Food and Nutrition Organization (PFNO) Addresses the Role of Nutrition in Nipah Virus Prevention and Management 11-09-2023 Appointment of New Campus Heads of different institutes 10-09-2023 Mr. Sultan Haider notified as Vice President of Gilgit Baltistan 05-09-2023 The Pakistan Food and Nutrition Organization is introducing Organizations Directory; first and largest directory that includes Universities, Processing/Manufacturing Industries, Societies and NGOs related to Food Sciences (Food Technology, Food Nutrition and all other related fields)
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Upcoming Projects

PFNO Directory

PFNO Directory

Our goal is to create a comprehensive directory of colleges and universities that offer courses in food and nutrition, as well as food industry and nutrition companies. Stay tuned for updates on our progress!

Expected Launch: September, 2023

PFNO Directory

Pakistan Food and Nutrition Census Initiative

It signifies the comprehensive survey and data collection initiative led by the Pakistan Food and Nutrition Organization (PFN) aimed at gathering extensive insights into the country's educational landscape.

Expected Launch: November, 2023

PFNO Directory

PFNO Learning Centre

The Learning Centre, an integral component of our initiative, serves as a dedicated hub for nurturing expertise in the fields of nutrition and food safety. Designed to be a dynamic educational platform, the Learning Centre aims to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills required to excel in these vital domains.

Expected Launch: January, 2023

PFNO Institute Rankings

Pakistan Institute Rankings

The Pakistan Institute Rankings focus on ranking institutes within Pakistan that offer food technology and food nutrition-related degree programs, highlighting the top educational institutions in these specialized fields within the country.

Expected Launch: March, 2024

FoodNutriX Journal

FoodNutriX: International Journal of Food and Nutrition Advancements

Our new journal will be a platform for researchers, practitioners, and students to share insights and knowledge on the latest developments in food science and nutrition.

Expected Launch: December, 2024


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