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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Pakistan Food and Nutrition Organization (PFNO) offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities to work within your budget to promote your brand. It will provide you with a strategic forum to demonstrate your food products, technology, and equipment. Your sponsorship will boost your brand visibility, guaranteed to drive more traffic to your booth, and maximize leads.

PFNO Program and Meeting Opportunities:

PFNO’s goal is to provide maximum value for every sponsorship. The PFNO looks forward to working with you to create a value-driven sponsorship package that will generate maximum exposure for your company throughout the year.

New opportunities may be added at any time. If you’ve heard about or participated in a sponsorship opportunity that is not currently offered, we would love to talk about it with you. For more information about conference and program sponsorship opportunities or to request a copy of our sponsorship brochure, please contact our concerned person. 

PFNO Website Maintenance:  

Status: Open for next year Sponsorship

Cost: 10,000 / year


  • Sponsors can put up their logo on the PFNO website of their company with a weblink.

PFNO Webinar Series—Partnership Opportunities

Take advantage of this remarkable opportunity to partner with PFNO. All webinars are recorded and hosted in the PFNO Training Zone.

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Logo included in marketing materials and featured at the beginning and end of each webinar.
  • Option of introducing the speakers on each webinar.

If you are interested and would like more details, please contact to our concerned person.  

Public Awareness Sessions on Health Days:

Awareness sessions are conducted on the following days:

  • World Obesity Day (4 March)
  • World Kidney Day (10 March)
  • World Hypertension Day (17 May)
  • World Food Safety Day (7 June)
  • World Hepatitis Day (28 July)
  • World Heart Day (29 September)
  • World Food Day (16 October)
  • World Osteoporosis Day (20 October)
  • World Diabetes Day (14 November)

Status: Open for Sponsorship.

Sponsorship of the whole event includes booking the venue, multimedia sound system, snacks with tea served to the participants, printing of banners, educational material, advertisement in newspapers, etc. Public Nutrition awareness activities e.g. Seminars, walks, educational sessions at Schools for children, elders, teachers, parents, at offices/workplaces, communities.

Total cost: 

Vary depending upon the nature of the activity, venue, and no. of participants.  

Benefit included:

  • Logo placement on the backdrop, standees, banners.
  • Logo on bags, folders, and notepads given to the participants. 
  • Printing of patient education material for distribution.
  • In the case of media, awareness-related activity sponsors names will be used as a support provider.
  • Putting a banner/standee inside the hall or outside the hall.
  • Putting up stall outside the hall, to display promotional material no sales permitted.
  • Advertisement in Newspaper.

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